My favorite thing to do over the summer is lounge around the pool, or head out on the boat, with a cold drink in my hand. 

Now, this summer will be slightly different than years passed because I have a baby on the way. I am due in June, so I will have to save the drinks for later in the summer. However, it still got me thinking of all my favorite summer drink recipes...and I'd like to share them with those of you who can drink!

1. Pineapple Vodka
This is as easy as it sounds. Get pineapple juice and your preference of vodka and mix it up. This is one of my favorite drinks - period! It's refreshing and the pineapple juice dilutes the vodka taste. With that being said, pace yourself with this one. You can make them pretty strong and the juice doesn't allow you to taste take that into consideration.

2. 7-Up Sangria
For this light and bubbly concoction, you'll need:
1 liter red wine
3 ounces apple juice
Fruit slices of your choice
3 ounces brandy
1 liter 7 Up
Combine and you have a spritzy drink to sip on throughout your beach/pool/boat day. This is a great drink to start your day with. It's like a mimosa, only better.

3. Vanilla Mule
For this tasty treat, you'll need:
A shot of Crown Royal Vanilla Whisky
Ginger beer
Put a shot of Crown in your cup and top the rest off with the ginger beer. Throw some limes in and give it a swirl. It's refreshing and good at giving you a buzz.

4. Good Old Fashioned White Russian 
This drink is a classic! It makes the perfect after-dinner drink, or goes well when you're wanting a break from the beer/hard stuff. For my super-fancy take on this drink, you'll need:
1.5 oz vodka
1 oz Kahlua
1 oz heavy cream
1 cinnamon stick
3 large ice cubes
Combine all of the wet ingredients and stir with the cinnamon stick (or just a spoon) and you're done! I don't recommend drinking more than one of these at a time! They're heavy on the stomach and sometimes that doesn't mix well with warm weather. Take it slow.

5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch
This is a concoction I came across by accident last summer. All you need is:
Rum Chatta
That's it! In a short glass, similar to a White Russian, mix a shot of Fireball and top the glass off with Rum Chatta. TRUST ME WHEN I TELL YOU IT TASTES EXACTLY LIKE CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH. It's so yummy. Again, this one is slightly heavy, so keep that in mind. I suggest ending the night with drinks like this versus slammin' them throughout the day.

6. Mermaid Water 
For this fun and flirty cocktail, you'll need:
2 parts Captain Morgan Rum
A splash of Malibu
2 parts pineapple juice
A hint of Blue Curacao
A squeeze of lime juice
This is the perfect pitcher drink! You can make a jug of this and pour it for you and your friends all day long. It travels well, so take it out on the boat or to the pool.

Whip some of these drinks up for yourself and your summer gang and thank me later. At least one of them is bound to be a hit! As always, PLEASE drink responsibly...and NEVER drink and drive.

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