You read that 24 years old and over six months pregnant, I had my first experience at a strip club. 

In all my wild 24 years of life, I've somehow managed to avoid strip clubs. That hasn't been on purpose. I've been very open about how much I love beautiful women, so I'm not sure why I never found myself at a strip club before vacation. However, I'm so glad I waited.

Turns out, strip clubs in Miami are everything you're imagining they are. We chose to head to Club E11even on the Miami strip, which was highly recommended by multiple people. There's music, bottle service, and full-blown mayhem. Although I don't have anything to compare it to, I'm pretty sure if you're going to experience a strip club for the first time, Miami isn't a bad place to start.

There's women coming around offering you massages, there's boobs everywhere, and these GORGEOUS women can do some pretty incredible things. Aside from being sexy, these dancers are TALENTED. They have to be in incredible shape to be able to perform the way they do. It really is a skill.

It's probably the only time where I actually encouraged my boyfriend to go get boobs smashed in his face. He enjoyed it to say the least. And turns out strippers love women tippers. If you're a girl and you're sitting front row, you're getting way more attention than the men. GIRL POWER HUNNY.

Aside from the strip clubs, Miami in itself was a total blast. I had always heard about the reputation of Miami being over the top, but truly experiencing it was way better than I could've imagined. The shops and the night life are just the half of it. It's something you truly have to experience for yourself!

At 6 months pregnant, I had a BLAST, and that says a lot. Although we left a tad early because things started to get crazy, I saw pictures and videos from the remainder of the night and it looked like a movie scene. Words don't do it justice.

So thanks, Mom, for giving us one heck of a vacation and an incredible first experience at a strip club! Everyone needs a little Miami at some point in their life.


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