Move over, Oprah, there's a new 'favorite things' list hitting the internet. 

Following Oprah's announcement of her 'favorite things' list, I was inspired to make a list of my own favorite things.

Now, I live a slightly less extravagant life than Oprah, but I still consider myself pretty high maintenance. With that being said, I've tried my fair share of products and gadgets. Check out my favorite things in the list below. I'll be adding to this blog as more things come to mind, so check back!

Maddie's Favorite Things:

Sephora Pressed Powder – THEE best powder I’ve used on my face. It blends so well and doesn’t get clumpy throughout the day. I also have skin that tends to freak out depending on the facial products I use, but this hasn’t caused any irritation or breakouts.
Too Faced Hangover RX Moisturizer – This moisturizer/primer isn’t too greasy, which is perfect for my combination skin. It hydrates enough to make my makeup go on smoothly, but doesn’t make my face too shiny.
Cetaphil Facewash and Moisturizer – We all know I have super duper sensitive skin, and Cetaphil is the only face wash I’ve used that has given me results and not tortured my skin. I also use the sensitive skin moisturizer when I run out of my Too Faced and it’s perfect – just use it sparingly.
L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara – Accompanying my thin hair are short, thin eyelashes. I got it goin’ on, girl. I’ve tried TONS of mascara over the years, but this kind is where it’s at. It lengthens my lashes x10. I’ve spent upwards of $30 on tubes of mascara, but I always end up going back to Telescopic. It works great for short, stubby lashes like mine. YAS GIRL.
Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant – I have a sweat problem when it comes to my armpits. I have since a young age…and it’s embarrassing. Any other deodorant doesn’t work to stop the sweat, but Secret Clinical Strength does the trick! I wouldn’t feel confident wearing half the clothes in my closet without it.
B12 Vitamins – This is basically like a second cup of coffee…that lasts almost all day long. It gives me a little boost and it’s good for you. I typically take one a day.

Blender Bottle – This is perfect if you’re into working out…or if you mix any kind of supplements into your drinks throughout the day. I normally use the Blender Bottle to mix up my pre-workout before I hit the gym, and again after when I mix up my rehydrate drink. It’s also good if you want flavored water or energy mix-ins.
Fuzzy Socks – I mean, who doesn’t love fuzzy socks? I am cold ALL. THE. TIME. It’s bad. Even throughout the summer, I have my heater on under my desk to keep my feet warm. Unfortunately, I can’t roll a heater with me around everywhere, so I started wearing fuzzy socks. I have an impressive collection now. You can’t go wrong with a good pair of fuzzy socks.
Wet Brush – I have super thin hair and I’m tender-headed. This means brushing and styling my hair after a shower is usually a process. Or at least it WAS. I got my first wet brush a couple years and now using a normal brush feels like torture. It’s soft and gentle – perfect for kids, too – and still gets the job done.

Apple TV – For the last few years I haven’t had cable. I’ve always had a Netflix and I used to watch it on my laptop and connect it to my TV. However, life got much easier when I got Apple TV. This little doodad has Netflix, Hulu, NFL Network, etc… already programmed onto the box. All you have to do is connect the Apple TV to your wifi and boom – you have Netflix, and just about every other network you can think of – right on the big screen.

Furrmenator – My English bulldog sheds like crazy! I’m constantly sweeping up after her and lint-rolling everything. I bought a Furrmentor brush a few years ago and it’s life changing. They’re a little pricey, but worth it if your dog sheds like mine does. It works great and the cleanup is easy.

Keurig – This doesn’t need much explanation, but my Keurig makes the best coffee. It’s easy and you don’t make too much. It’s perfect to brew a cup straight into your thermos and hit the road. Plus, with all the different inserts you can get, you get something different every day.

Engraved Necklaces (or really anything) from Flutter – I spend most of my money (and time, honestly) shopping at Flutter in Newburgh. If you haven’t stopped by the super cute boutique in Newburgh, do yourself a favor and swing by. Anyway, recently they started selling blank necklaces in a variety of shapes and sizes that you can engrave with whatever saying or symbol you’d like. My mom recently got me two to stack with eachother. One was a cross and the other says, “Be still and know.” Now I need several more. They look cute solo or stacked…and trust me, they’ll match anything in that store.

Moroccan Oil – I have super thin hair, so there isn’t much product I can use that doesn’t weigh it down. However, just a pea-sized amount of Moroccan oil on the ends makes my hair shiny and smooth…and it smells great!

The Starboy Album – If you know anything about me, it’s probably that I’m a HUGE fan of The Weeknd. Starboy is probably my favorite album of all time! There isn’t a song I don’t like. Even months and months after its release, I’m still listening to it on the reg. Even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of The Weeknd, you should still give it a listen. I bet there’s at least one song you can groove with.

Spanx Leggings – O.M.G. I bought these bad boys a few months ago and just now had the opportunity to wear them. Holy cow! These things are MAGIC. I wish all my leggings were Spanx, but I need to do a little more saving. If you don’t have a pair, but them on your Christmas list STAT.

Stay tuned for more of my favorite things!

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