When I was about 5 or so, my Grandma took me to Dollar General for my weekly "prize." Little did I know, one of those prizes would become extremely sacred to me. 

Although I've always been extremely close with my parents, my Grandma basically raised me. I was a Grandma's girl all throughout my childhood...and I still am to this day.

I was with her most weekends, which always included a trip to visit my great-grandma in the nursing home. We would sit with my great-grandma in her tiny little apartment and eat oranges together. I still cherish those memories.

Like clockwork, we'd leave great-grandma's apartment and head to Dollar General for my "treat." I usually had a $3 limit on what I could get. I typically picked out lip glosses or something that'd break a few hours later, but this day was different.

Among all the toys and trinkets in the store, I found a stuffed animal bunny. I remember seeing dozens of them, but for some reason one stuck out to me in particular. It was almost Easter, so I had plenty of bunnies to choose from, but I wanted Fluffy. I named him that because, at the time, he actually was Fluffy. Today, not so much.

Although I was Grandma's favorite, Fluffy was $5...a tad over my limit. I batted my big brown eyes and got to buy him! I was so excited. Fast-forward 20 years later, Fluff is still by my side every single night.

My Grandma actually found the exact same stuffed animal a few years later and bought it. I never had the attachment with Kisses like I did Fluffy, so he's been kept at the top of Grandma's closet for years now. I snapped a pic a while back for comparison.

20170130_134813 (1)

Nuts, right? I have a problem.

Fluff's had numerous surgeries, patchwork, and re-attachment over the years, but it only makes him that much better. After hearing multiple listeners chime in this morning, I learned I wasn't the only one that still sleeps with a stuffed animal. There's not only an emotional attachment with my stuffed animal, but I feel comforted by having him tucked under my arm at night. I know, I'm crazy...but he's going to the grave with me.

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