Just because you love someone doesn't mean you have to overspend on Valentine's Day. 

Like any typical girl, I look forward to Valentine's Day. Of course I like flowers and chocolate, but my boyfriend and I typically take a less expensive approach to the whole thing. It's not because we don't love each other unconditionally, we just have bills to pay.

So, that got me thinking. How can you make someone's Valentine's Day super special without spending too much? I'm glad you asked, because I'm the QUEEN of deals and penny pinching...usually.

I'll share a few of my tips with you guys and I guarantee that your special someone will still feel happy and loved.

First, the flowers. They don't have to be roses, although those are the go-to of V Day. Walmart always has the prettiest bouquets of flowers for around $10.

Can't afford flower delivery? Join the club. How about this...DELIVER THEM YOURSELF! Go grab a bouquet and deliver them to his/her workplace. Maybe throw in her favorite to-go order while you're at it. I promise that seeing you surprise them will be way better than the delivery man.

You don't have to spend a fortune on dinner. Tons of places are running Valentine's Day specials, but who says you even have to go out? Stay in. Rent their favorite movie. Order one of those heart-shaped pizzas. That's my plan and I'm perfectly content with that.

Or, cook dinner. One year I stopped at the grocery store and grabbed a $7 bottle of wine and a couple steaks and sides. It was about $20 by the time I checked out, and we no doubt saved at least $40 but avoiding ordering/going out.

Make them feel special with your hands. You can take this however you'd like, but I'm talking about a massage. Set up a nice vibe in your bedroom and give them a sensual massage. It's free...and who doesn't love a massage? Massages are always much appreciate. Plus, there's a good chance it'll lead to a little somethin' else.

So, be a real romantic and skip the cliche Valentine's Day stuff. Make it special and save a buttload of cash while you're at it. Everybody wins.



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