I did something every pregnant girl dreads doing...no, not pushing a baby out...but taking the much-dreaded glucose test. 

Since realizing that I was in the middle of what seems to be another "baby boom", I've seen pregnant women talking about a "glucose test." Before getting pregnant, I wasn't exactly sure what it was. Well, over the weekend I entered my third trimester, and it was time for me to see what this test was all about.

The glucose test is something all pregnant women have to go through. You drink a glucose drink, wait an hour, and get your blood drawn. It's all part of testing for gestational diabetes. Typically, you want your blood sugar to be under 130. If you drink the substance and the results back over 130, you might have gestational diabetes, which requires further lab work, a new diet throughout your pregnancy, and possibly medication to ensure you and your baby stay happy and healthy.

Now all that sounds fine and dandy, but from what I read from other pregnant ladies, drinking the glucose drink was apparently the hard part. I heard horror stories about how awful tasting the drink was, which flavors were the worst, and how the overall experience was less than delightful. Needless to say, I was a little intimidated when the lady at the counter handed me the orange liquid and said, "drink this in 5 minutes and bring it back to me."


I was nervous. I cautiously took my first sip, and HOLY COW...


Sure, I wouldn't drink the stuff for fun, but why does everyone complain about it so much? It tasted like orange soda without the carbonation. I finished it in 5 minutes with NO problems.

If you don't like orange flavored beverages, I guess I could see why you wouldn't like it...but I couldn't help but think everyone else had been OVERLY dramatic about the whole thing.

Honestly, if I survived my Burnettes Vodka phase in high school, I'm convinced I can drink anything. So when it comes to the glucose test, rest assured that I've drank worse. Much worse.

So, that leaves me with some advice for all you pregnant ladies out there: don't listen to everyone else. I had these horror stories in my head and I was scared to drink this stuff, but turns out pregnant ladies are just dramatic. Who would've known? HA! Go in with an open mind and find things out for yourself. Don't let people scare you.

That goes for ANYTHING, really. I'm all for suggestions and helpful tips, but don't try to scare me. The thing is, pregnancy is new for everyone the first time around, and everyone has a different experience. Keep an open mind and you'll be just fine - that's MY advice to YOU.


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