St. Patty's Day is about to be LIT! 

This year for Christmas, I asked for an AncestryDNA kit. Why? Well, first off because I'm just curious to see what all I'm made up of, and secondly because I recently had a baby and I wanted to know more about the tiny human I created.

The process was simple: you get the package, spit in the vile, and mail back (postage included). During the entire process of extracting and processing my DNA, Ancestry sent me updates on the progress. It actually took a lot longer than I was expecting, but apparently they have high volume right now, which makes sense because these DNA kits seems to be a big thing at the moment. The cost of a kit is around $100, but so worth it.

Well, after four long weeks, I finally got my results! I checked my email while I was waiting for my shower to warm up at 4 o'clock this morning and I saw the email saying, "Maddie, your DNA results are in!" I literally screamed I was so excited.

Here are my results:


There's a few things I already knew on here, but most of it came as a huge surprise! I already knew I was mainly English and German, but IRISH? I had NO IDEA. I think this is the part I was most exited about. Now I can celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a new sense of pride.

Basically, I'm Conor McGregor.

And French? Who knew! I've never heard any of my family members even mention Irish or French decent, but I am super pumped about it.

I'm also Norwegian, which is news to me. This is the trait I know the least about, but I'm motivated to learn more. Matter of fact, this whole experience has given me the urge to travel and learn more about my heritage. Now I want to explore Ireland and Scotland, and then head over to France to see what that's all about.


AncestryDNA will also link you (if you so desire) to others with similar DNA to you. With this nifty tool, you can find family members you didn't even know you had! Turns out I have like 800 4th cousins. I honest to God wish I could meet every single one of them. How cool would that be?

And, by the looks of it, my ancestors came and settled into the Ohio River Valley, and we've been here ever since!

Anyway, I'm totally geeking out about this whole thing. I'm going to go look up all 800 of my cousins and add them on Facebook now.


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