For the last two months, the Warrick Humane Society has hosted cat yoga on the first Tuesday of each month. 

Me, being a cat person, knew I had to try it. I mean, it's yoga and cats. How could it possibly get any better than that? I wasn't disappointed.

The woman leading the class was a certified yoga instructor, so the moves were very well explained and easy to do. I've taken a semester of yoga in college, so I was somewhat familiar with the whole thing, but a beginner would be just fine as well. I'm not the most flexible person in the world, but the instructor walked us all through each pose step-by-step and gave options, which was helpful.


I do have to admit - it wasn't nearly as serious/calm as other yoga classes I've taken. How could it be? There's cats rubbing against you while you're in 'downward dog' and another biting your ponytail while you're doing 'happy baby'. However, I can't say it wasn't totally worth it. The cats are the best part.

At one point we were face down on the mat and I lifted my head to be greeted by the cutest orange and striped kitty named Sherbert. He laid on my mat for the remainder of the class, tugging at my car and nudging across my face and arms. It was amazing.

Other cats, like Brisbee and Ray, seemed unimpressed and chose to nap instead. 


I 10/10 would recommend cat yoga...but don't expect to get much done because the cats are just too darn cute and sweet. I took several petting breaks between poses.

Plus, the money raised from the ticket purchase goes back to the Warrick Humane Society and all the furry friends that are staying there. It's $12 per person and worth every penny. It also helps socialize the cats, who don't get that opportunity nearly enough.

If the shelter continues getting a good turn out, they'd like to offering cat yoga on the first Tuesday of every month from now on. So make sure you sign up!

Don't forget - Christmas is right around the corner! Adopt an animal into your family and spend the holidays with a new addition.

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