Lupe Fiasco is, arguably, one of the dopest lyricists in the rap game. But it appears the Chicago MC feels he’s being underappreciated by his peers and fans.

On Friday afternoon (Oct. 27), Lupe went on a Twitter rant about his battle with his former record label Atlantic with dumbing down his music to appease listeners. He then said after JAY-Z praised him for his lyrics, he focused on having the best bars instead of creating the best music.

“People talk as if I’m overrated or underrated. I always say you can always find something about me that you will like and things you’ll hate," Lupe tweeted. "But when it comes 2 lyrics (which is the ONLY thing I care about) you’d be very hard pressed 2say I’m not one of the best ever (The Best Ever) for real.”

The Tetsuo & Youth creator later tweeted that he's on pace to be the "G.O.A.T. Lyricist." Lupe's Twitter rant have sparked a debate on Twitter of whether or not he’s the "Greatest Lyricist of All Time."

"LUPE FIASCO is the best rapper to ever walk the earth... period. aint no back and forth, tweeted one fan. Another commenter wrote, "After drogas light you're not even in the top 15. Uninspired and boring." Finally, a fan summed it up like this, "[Lupe Fiaso] was so under appreciated. He was just a little ahead of his time."

What do you think? Is Lupe Fiasco the Greatest Lyricist of All Time? Read his Twitter rant below.

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