As I’ve mentioned in many of my previous blogs, I am a music-lover.  Last week I posted a blog of what I felt were the 11 greatest songs on the radio in 2011.

This list is a little different.  As a music-enthusiast, I still buy my music.  In fact, I still buy CDs!  I have never downloaded a song or an album from iTunes, I enjoy having a physical copy of my music and my purchase.  I like album art and liner notes.  I like unwrapping the cellophane and the smell of a new album.  (However, I HATE taking that stupid sticker-thing off the top of case, it NEVER comes off smoothly.)

I also enjoy having a bevy of songs I’ve never heard of from artists that I like.  If like four songs of Katy Perry’s that we play on the radio, there’s a pretty good chance you’d like the rest of the album even if some songs never get pushed as singles.  I have listened to an awful lot of pop albums that came out in 2011, and I have compiled a list of some GREAT songs that never got pushed as singles.

I’m sure you may have heard some of the songs on this list, these are what I feel are the greatest songs from 2011 that you probably haven’t heard yet:

11.) Rumour Has it – Adele (21)

10.) Words I Never Said – Lupe Fiasco feat. Skylar Grey (L.A.S.E.R.S.)

9.) Fast Lane – Bad Meets Evil (Hell: The Sequel)

8.) Farewell – Rihanna (Talk That Talk)

7.) Cameras – Wiz Khalifa (Rolling Papers)

6.) Roc Me Out – Rihanna (Talk That Talk)

5.) Bomb – Chris Brown feat. Wiz Khalifa (F.A.M.E.)

4.) No Church in the Wild – Jay-Z & Kanye West feat. Frank Ocean (Watch the Throne)

3.) That Should Be Me – Justin Bieber feat. Rascal Flatts

2.) Never Forget You – Lupe Fiasco feat. John Legend (L.A.S.E.R.S.)

1.) Next 2 You – Chris Brown feat. Justin Bieber (F.A.M.E.)

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