I moved to Boonville a few years back. I'm from Owensboro so I never really had loyalty or ties to anywhere this side of the river. I've lived on the east side of Evansville and also Newburgh so we were ready for a new adventure. And I have to tell you - I LOVE IT! I love the square - it's so quaint and charming. I love eating at Yesterdaze. SUCH GOOD CATFISH. I love the Boonville Walmart - so clean and new! And I love Bargaintown in Boonville! I got a whole bag of groceries plus three boxes of cereal last Saturday for a total (A TOTAL) of $3.41!

The people are friendly. And, our own local celebrity - Travis Sams is from there!

So, in our quest to Celebrate the Tri-State, we recently added two new shirts to our Celebrate the Tri-State Clothing & Accessories online store that highlights Boonville. They are available in kids, women's, and men's sizes and also accessories!

Not from Boonville but want us to feature YOUR town on a shirt? Tell us what it should say and we'll make it! 


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