Aunt Becky isn't as innocent as she seems. 

Yesterday, news broke the famous Full House and Hallmark Channel star is being charged with a college admissions scheme along with others including Desperate Housewives star, Felicity Huffman. Loughlin was out of the country but expected to be arrested per her arrival to the United States. Huffman was arrested yesterday and released with a $250,000 bond with the promise to appear in court today.

E! News reported Loughlin is back in the country and surrendered herself to the FBI this morning. She appears to be cooperating which is probably best for her. Loughlin along with others have been charged with bribery to get their kids into USC. This means, other students who were more deserving and hardworking lost their shot at that education.

Rob Lowe's son posted on Twitter where Rob Lowe even retweeted, throwing shade at the women.


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