Not every addiction story has a happy ending but in the case of Etienne Hamby, it does.  Just 4 years ago she found herself battling addiction and struggling with life.  After a major turning point, she found God had restored her faith and told her to pursue her passion.

She soon found she loved being in the kitchen baking satisfied her more than anything else in life.  Local Chef, Katie Wimsatt, of Gourmet Meals To Go found Etienne's Facebook page and talked her into doing Keto desserts.

Etienne says "Katie is actually the one that lit the fire under my butt to get my business started and registered."  She has been instrumental in helping me branch out from the normal gigs I do.

Nothing about what Etienne does is normal.  This woman can bake a mean Keto Oreo Cheesecake like you couldn't even imagine.  Angel here and our family has ordered multiple items from her.  From keto candied pecans, cookies, lemon bars, and more.  You name it she does it.

Keto is huge right now for a lot of people that are doing low carb.   Basically, it is low carb and high-fat content that helps to lower insulin and move the body away from wanting and needing carbs.  Many people have had great success on keto diets.

Etienne is super humble and loves to make what her friends, family, and clients love.  I asked for lemon bars and boom they were on my doorstep just a few days later.

If you would like to check her out head to E baktiques LLC.

We love a good success story and this one is absolute SWEET SUCCESS!


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