I am not a coffee drinker.  However, I will shotgun a cup of Swiss Miss.  LOL!  I absolutely love hot chocolate and absolutely love this news.  The City of Owensboro has announced its first-ever Hot Chocolate Hop and it takes place downtown this Saturday afternoon and evening.  Here's the official "Hop" map and menu!

As you can see, the City rounded up a variety of downtown restaurants and businesses to participate and each is serving up delicious hot chocolate.

The Brew Bridge
Holiday Inn Owensboro Riverfront
Lure Seafood and Grille
SIP Owensboro
Colby's Fine Foods & Spirits
Don Mario
The Pub on Second
The Famous Bistro
Mellow Mushroom
Mile Wide Beer Co - Owensboro
RiverPark Center
With all these interpretations of hot chocolate to choose from, I'm torn between about twenty different kinds.  However, I have put three of the selections on my "To Do" list: I am definitely heading down to Mile Wide to try their Bourbon Barrel-Aged Salted Caramel Buku.  Then, I think a stop at RiverPark Center is a must for the Diehard-inspired John McClane's Yippe-Ki-Yay Cocoa.  It has vanilla vodka, Amaretto and chocolate in it.  And, I have to say that I am intrigued by Don Mario's traditional Mexican hot chocolate with arroz.  Yes!  It has rice in it and I am here for it.  Or should I say, "Estoy aqui para ello!"
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