We've all had a nightmare as a kid that still haunts us today. 

I remember watching a Nightmare on Elm Street when I was a kid even though my Dad specifically told me it'd give me literal nightmares. I didn't listen, and it did. But that was just the tip of the iceberg of terrifying nightmares I had as a child that I can still remember to this day.

There's two predominant memories as far as my childhood nightmares go. For starters, I had a dream that a fox was chasing me through the woods and I couldn't get away. I was petrified of foxes for my entire childhood after that dream, and even today they still creep me out.

Secondly, there was one that involved Lloyd Pool (yes, the one here in Evansville). My mom was a painter (she's really an accountant) and was painting the inside the building and brought me along to play while she worked. I met another little girl at the pool who bragged about being able to hold her breath for a long time. She'd show me and I'd be wowed, but turns out she was actually a mermaid and ended up drowning everyone in my family. So there's that.

So, we turned to listeners and asked them to share some of their messed up childhood nightmares. They did not disappoint.

> Emily Weddle: I watched Arachnophobia before bed when I was probably 8-9 and had a dream about the spiders coming out of my walls and crawling towards me.... my mom even remembers me screaming. It permanently scarred me from spiders and that movie.

> Jennifer Schaeffer: My parents butchering puppies. I don't know where that came from, but i was 5 or 6 when i had that nightmare.

> Kenny and Jessie Ray: I have 2 that haunt me... We lived in a trailer and the whole thing was filled with water and there was a shark in there chasing me down and I couldn't close the doors or get out. And I had another one where the grim reaper was flying above me and chasing me no matter how much I screamed no one heard.

> Megan Nicole: I had a dream that I couldn't leave my house because there was people outside with shotguns and had the house surrounded. The reason it haunts me is because I had it right after a family member tried to kidnap from school. I was in second grade and cant forget it.

> Justin Bechtolt: Having the power to fly like Superman with my sister and friends however the towns people were chasing us with pitchforks, axes, and fire like we were Frankenstein, my powers started to fail me and I could not fly away with the rest of my group as I got encircled by the towns people and they started to encircle closer and closer.

> Waylon B West: Watching Honey I shrunk the kids and periodically having nightmares that my world is getting bigger and closing in on me. Probably a good reason I am claustrophobic!

> Jessie Marie Eblen: I used to always dream there were piles and piles of snakes crawling on my bedroom floor.

> Dawn Brock-Jones: Dracula chasing me all around my old house. I locked myself in the bathroom and he busted in and tried to flush me down the toilet. Haha

> Robert Porter: Watching the first Halloween on tv for the first time I guess I was about 11 years old going to bed laying down I could hear the music playing in my head could not sleep so what made even scary I went to look outside and saw a shadow across the street I ran and jumped into bed

> Nancy Beamon Jones: We lived very close to the railroad track. Everytime a train stopped in the night, I will dream that a bear got off and got under my bed. When I would wake up, I always looked under the bed before putting my feet to the floor.

> Katherine Short: My uncle told me about huge river rats that ate kids. I lived in reed in a trailer and had a nightmare huge people eating rats would come from under the porch and attack us and we tried to kill them but there were too many.

> Ashley Morgan Holley: One was a reoccurring nightmare. I feel like I had it almost every year of elementary school. My class would go on a field trip to an amusement park and there was a haunted roller coaster type ride that my classmates would disappear into forever.
The other I was walking through the woods at my grandparents’ house and in the distance I saw a lady with a grizzly bear on a chain. The lady saw me and then yelled a command at the bear in another language and the bear came after me. I woke up while running for my life.

> Diana Bruce: Being chased by chucky outside my childhood home. I was on a bike and was peddling but not moving. He was slowly getting closer and closer with a knife. He would jump on my bike and I would have to do whatever he wanted, so he didnt kill me or my family.

> Kacie Counts: I had a recurring nightmare every Christmas eve that my little brother was taken by Dick Tracy. I was never able to save him and myself. Happened for about five years.
Maybe twice a year I'll have a nightmare where I can only rescue one of my two kids, it's absolutely horrific.


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