Why?! Oh WHY?!? Why does Hollywood find it necessary to remake great movies? Lionsgate Films has just announced plans to remake Dirty Dancing. There is no replacing Jennifer Grey and her crooked nose, or Patrick Swayze. This is an atrocity! An outrage! This is a CLASSIC 80s movie, and should be left as such! The same with Footloose... you may remember my rant on that remake as well.





Dirty Dancing2


What possesses a film company to invest in remaking an already great movie? Why waste to money? Is is getting that difficult to come up with fresh, creative ideas for film? If your creative staff isn't giving you solid, creative, sell-able ideas, maybe it's time to get a new staff!!





Kenny Ortega, director of High School Musical, will direct and co-produce with Debra Martin Chase of Princess Diaries, according to Variety.

"The opportunity to direct 'Dirty Dancing' is like returning home for me," said Ortega. "Growing up in the '60s on the dance floor helped define me as a person and as an artist. I am looking forward to assembling a great creative team and an exciting cast to bring 'Dirty Dancing' to the screen for a new generation.


They are even talking about adding "new" music! How can you add NEW music to a  movie set in the



...a modernization that will incorporate songs from the original, as well as classic songs from the 1960s and new compositions.


For every other woman out there that has ever held one hand up and one in front of her belly button while walking up a set of stairs, who waited eagerly to hear Patrick Swayze say, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner," or who still gets goosebumps when you hear I've Had The Time of My Life, you have my sympathies.

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