For all that is sacred in the movie world WHY must we REMAKE the GOOD movies? Shouldn't we be MAKING MORE good movies?

There are a few things in this world that shouldn't be toyed with. Coca-Cola for example... Remember in the 80's "New Coke"? Yeah... It bombed! Some things are sacred! And the great movies of  the 80's are no exception!

So WHY?! OH WHY?! Did Paramount Pictures decide that they needed to remake Footloose?!? The story line is exactly the same... Big city boy moves to small town. Town doesn't allow music and dancing. Boy meets girl. Boy & girl team up to change the towns mind about the music and dancing... all in time for prom.

While this movie is promising a couple of talented dancers in the lead roles of Ren and Arial, Kenny Wormald, and Julianne Hough (Dancing with the Stars) they are missing one... key... element... KEVIN BACON!! Footloose (2011) is slated to hit theaters in October. Check out the official movie trailer from, and if you are up for a history lesson check out the original Footloose (1984) trailer after that.

A girl can only hope that the Movie-Powers-That-Be don't decide to remake Gremlins, The Breakfast Club, or Pretty in Pink...