Director James Gunn has insisted since the very beginning that he put one Easter egg in Guardians of the Galaxy so secret that he never told anyone about it — and to date, no one has ever found it (at least that Gunn has admitted). But ScreenCrush’s Ryan Arey thinks he might have found it, hiding in plain sight all along.

In short: What if the movie itself, and the origin of its story and structure are the Easter egg? Star-Lord mentions Footloose at one point in the film. When you put Footloose and Guardians side-by-side a funny thing happens: You realize they are basically the same one movie. Sure, one is set in space and the other is set in a small town on Earth. Otherwise their stories of lost souls who heal communities with their love of dance and music are almost identical. Watch Ryan’s theory above; whether it is the final Guardians Easter egg or not, you gotta admit: These movies are awfully similar.

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