"No one puts Baby in a corner!"

And no one can put the movie Dirty Dancing in a corner.  For a limited time, Fathom Events is putting the 80s classic back in theatres.  In fact, over the weekend, fans of the movie got their first chance to relive the movie.  It was shown in select theatres Saturday night.  However, there are two more chances to catch it- today and again on September 10th.

Dirty Dancing was released to theatres in 1987.

I was in high school at the time and it was seriously the hottest movie at the Malco.  Remember back in the day when the Malco, in their newspaper ads, would label movies as "Held Over"?  Well, I saw Dirty Dancing, for the first time, in its 26th "held over" week.  Seriously.  The movie had been playing at the Malco for a half a year before I saw it for the first time.  I saw it with my friend Kelly Bowers and, finally, we were hooked too.  I was so hooked, I quickly taught myself all the "Dirty Dancing" moves and then started giving lessons to my classmates.  Let's just say that my friend Jean and I were quite the hit at a homecoming dance.  We freaking rocked it.  LOL.

If you want to catch Dirty Dancing in theatres, you'll need to drive to Evansville.  I did a quick search via the Fathom Events website.  There are two theatres close to Owensboro that are participating in the special event: Regal Bowling Green Stadium 12 in Bowling Green and AMC Evansville 16 on Pearl Drive in Evansville.  For showtimes and ticket info, CLICK HERE!

I promise you, you'll have "The Time of Your Life."

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