We all have either lied or been lied to about something - and parents are no exception when it comes to telling little white lies. Here are some that you may relate to!


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We asked Facebook what were some lies that they tell as parents or maybe some lies their parents told them. The response was pretty funny!

The Rob:

My mom has pulled the wool over my eyes a handful time. She's notorious for lying about her "vegetable allergies" (she has none) to avoid consuming the most horrifying of the food groups. She also once conned me into thinking that she met (my then idol) Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and had him sign, of all things, a neck tie with guitars.


Kat Mykals:

I am the QUEEN of "Maybe" and "We'll see." Of course this almost always simply means "No" and my kid has heard it enough times now at 17 to know that it most likely means "No," but there is always that slight glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, my "maybe" might mean "Yes!" It's a cruel, cruel world.


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