Ok, maybe that seems a little extreme, but we do need to prepare ourselves, with not 1 but 2 shows that are guaranteed to make us cry!

As much as I've looked forward to new episodes of This is Us, there's also a little bit of dread. Is it weird that I'm concerned that Season 3 won't make me cry as much as the first two? It's almost like I've gotten some closure, knowing how Jack died, and opening a new chapter just doesn't seem important now. Please, prove me wrong, This is Us!

If I don't get my weekly cry on Tuesday, that's ok, because ABC has a new drama that's so deep, it comes with a warning "Viewer discretion advised". If the preview is any indication, we will all need a recovery day on Thursday. Just try to watch this clip of A Million Little Things, and not cry.

We do have some comedies to look forward to. Maybe, we should DVR them, so we can watch them after the cry-fest!


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