It seems like the world we live in is in complete chaos right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought all of us to our breaking points emotionally and economically. Mix those things with the election and the way we have been treating each other and it’s a pressure cooker of anxiety. On every level, it's hard to deal with. So, how can we feel better? Is there a way?

In the above photo, I seem very cool and happy, right? Well, yes and no. I’m camping with my husband with a cold beverage and that is one of my happy places. But, when real life comes back into view and I’m back to the reality of the world around me, I’m back to feelng sad, isolated, depressed and scared, just like you.

I have find myself taking an extra five minutes, or so, in the shower to just cry. Some days I take a little more time to get it out. I roll through so many emotions in a day. My fears of bringing COVID home to my immune compromised son shakes me to my very core. I've spent all his life trying to protect him and now, if I’m not careful, I could make him really sick. It’s a terrifying thought for me.

There are moments when the anxiety is overwhelming and other times that I thank God for FaceTime so I can see my granddaughter's sweet face. She even plays with me and watches movies with me and it’s amazing. It's all I have with her, but at least it's something. Those moments are what I try and focus on.

To stay centered and stay positive, I try to be more kind and more empathetic. Realizing that everyone is struggling in their own way, makes me feel not so alone. You know the saying, misery loves company. It’s so true.

I know it sounds cliche, but we truly ARE in this together. Now is not only a time to love your neighbor, more than you ever have before, but love yourself and appreciate your strength and resilience. You can only take care of those you love, if you are in a good place.

Here are some little things you can do RIGHT NOW to feel better.

Ok? Let's start feeling good.

Five Things You Can Do To Feel Better Now

If you find that you need help beyond these simple things, don’t be ashamed or too hard on yourself, it's ok. Therapy and I are tight. We know each other well.

There are many places to get help and talk to someone. Here is a good place to start, reach out. You are never alone. You can even reach out to me through our website.

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