It turns out you don't have to be involved in a high-risk situation to hurt yourself.

On Monday, I shared a story on air from earlier that morning which involved slicing my index finger while chopping a few cloves of garlic while prepping dinner for later that night. It's something I've done hundreds of times without incident, but this time I got in a hurry and wasn't paying attention. It was a dumb (in my opinion anyway).

Knowing I'm not the only one to have injured myself in a dumb way, I asked people to share their dumb injury stories on our Facebook page. The response I got and what I expected were two totally different things. I expected stories similar to mine; minor accidents that required a simple band-aid to fix, which I did get, but I also got stories of broken bones and torn ligaments. How some of us manage to live through a typical day is pretty amazing!

Stories ranged from the mild... the slightly more severe... the OMG! How? Just HOW?!?!

Check out more stories, and share your own on our Facebook page.

(And be safe out there.)

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