Kiddie Leashes have suddenly begun to make a comeback and at first glance they might seem practical and sometimes event funny, but are Kiddie Leashes doing more harm than good in training a child?

Being the father of a super-energetic, autistic child, I know how hard it can be to keep up with a child, let alone get them to stay by your side. But whatever happened to just holding your kid's hand? I have jokingly called my boys little monkeys, but I would never put a leash on them like some sort of pet.

To me, putting a leash on you child gives the impression that you either don't want to or aren't strong enough to hold your child's hand. It looks like a pet owner that has a dog that's too wild for them and the dog looks like they're walking the owner. I've even seen people dragging their kids on the floor at Walmart on those things.

Have you used or would you consider using a leash for you child? Leave you answer in the comment box.

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