Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has come under fire for saying 'America is getting soft' for closing schools due to the extreme cold! WOW... Governor Bevin must have Anti-freeze in his veins. This Polar Vortex that has struck America has made temperatures drop to record and near-record lows causing a lot of school districts to cancel classes.

In a recent radio interview Gov. Bevin stated “There’s no ice going with it, or any snow. I mean, what happens to America? We’re getting soft, Terry. We’re getting soft.” He later slightly backtracked his statement by saying, “better to err on the side of being safe.”

Many teachers and parents including Kentucky Teacher of the Year Jessica Duenas lashed back at Gov. Bevin saying he should "stand outside for 30 minutes as if you were waiting for the bus, dressed as one of our students would be ... I guarantee you most of our students are not wearing some fancy Patagonia or North Face jackets...How about you give one of our students your jackets, and you stand outside in that cold since you’re being so ‘hard?”

Do you think the Governor went to far with his comments or do you think he has a point? Leave your comments below and stay warm!


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