Are you struggling to find that last-minute gift? It seems I am always looking for a specific gift for someone but I don't even know what gift it is I am looking for! You know just know when it pops out at you. Well, I figured I would save you some time and put together a list of gift ideas still out there! Some you may not even think of!

1. French Press (hello, coffee lovers!)

2. Plush Throw (I am a blanket hoarder)

Megan Gale Unveils Bath And Body Products
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3. Bath & Body Works Candles (Semi-Annual sale anyone?)

4. Recipe Cocktail Shaker (Who doesn't love a good cocktail?)

5. Facial Roller (tis the season skincare!)

6. Wine Chiller (Corkcicle for the win!)

7. Amazon Fire TV Cube (Love me some AMAZON!)

8. Drybar Blowout Besties (Nothing says love like great hair!)

SEPHORiA: House of Beauty - Session Three
Getty Images for Sephora

9. Ancestry DNA Kit (Find out where your Christmas traditions came from!)

10. Kendra Scott Earrings (Of course I'm biased because of the name)

Here's to some very happy people this holiday season!

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