Have you ever wanted to freeze yourself? Clearly I did, it was very rejuvenating!

Working out, life, and other stressors are hard on the body. I was sore from working out the previous day and my co-worker/boss does Cryo Therapy almost daily and I have heard about her experience and the benefits so I wanted to get in on it. She took me to Evansville Cryo to not only help with my soreness but overall mood.

At first, I was nervous because I hate being cold (but I rather be cold than hot) and the fear of the unknown had set in. Nonetheless, there I was about to strip down to my undergarments and freeze my you know what off. The owner Shanen Franklin set my fears at ease and walked me through it!

Before getting into the "tank", as I refer to it, you have to strip down to undergarments and slip on a robe. Once the "tank" was ready, you climb in, close the door and hand over your robe. But don't worry, you get to wear gloves, socks and booties. Next thing I knew it got VERY cold. I mean, I thought I was in the water with Leo during Titanic type of cold. The good news, I knew it was only going to last three minutes. I could do this! Plus, it helps to bounce and move around in there. At one point I legit thought my hair follicles on my legs were going to freeze right off! Next thing I knew, it was over, Shanen handed me my robe, he opened the door and I was back to warming up in no time.

So what did I learn from this? How did it benefit me? First things first, I stepped out and was instantly in a better mood. Your body burns calories because it's trying to get your body warmed up which is good. My muscles felt better and I slept like a baby that night! The next day, I wanted to go again! I can now say, I understand why Mark Wahlberg does this daily.

Evansville Cryo is DEFINITELY the COOLEST PLACE in town!

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