The biggest question I was facing this week, "What or who is Jojo Siwa?" 

As you may know, I have several nieces and nephews. By several, I mean NINE total. With the boys out numbering the girls, I love being able to shop for girl presents when I can!

Recently, I went to one of my nephews birthday parties. I noticed my niece had a bow in her hair. Well of course, I complimented it and her response was "thanks, it's a Jojo Siwa Bow!" I am sure the look on my face was priceless because I had no idea what or who Jojo Siwa was. But my niece sure made it sound like I should.

2018 Industry Dance Awards - Arrivals
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When I let it simmer that someone named Jojo has a line of bows that is popular with the kids, I trusted YouTube to educate me. It turns out, Jojo Siwa has been on Dance Mom's when she was younger and appeared in a few other commercials since. Not to mention her partnership with Nickelodeon and her music career! This girl is on fire!

Finally, I got to the bows. Jojo Siwa has a signature side pony that makes all the girls go bonkers. Finally she clips a bow in her hair to top off her signature look. Her bows are even considered "authentic" because of a little charm that is sewn on each of her bows! Let me tell you, these are just baby, dainty bows. These bows are HUGE! They make my heart flutter. So of course, I ran to Target and got my niece a new bow. Now, I have an obsession with Jojo Siwa bows.

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