Join KISS106 for a back-to-school Spirit Week!

Now that Spring Break is over, students would typically be heading back to school in the upcoming week. However, COVID-19 had other plans, and has closed schools for the foreseeable future. EVSC is closed until at least mid-April, and Warrick County recently announced the corporation would not be returning to the physical classroom for the rest of the year.

Parents around the Tri-State have had to put on their teaching hat and coach their children through homeschooling. For some, it came natural, but for most, it's been a challenge. With all the hard work and hard times happening, we decided it's time to have some fun! Let's take a break from the scary news headlines and virtual learning and make homeschooling something to look forward to.

Join us 3/30-4/3 for KISS106 Spirit Week! Each day kids and parents are encouraged to dress up in the day's theme and submit photos. You can submit these on our daily Facebook post, or send them through App Chat on the KISS106 app. It's a fun way to keep the kids entertained and feel like kids again! Parents, you can join in on the fun, too.


The days are as follows:

Monday - wear the craziest socks you can find! Make them miss-match or just flat-out wild.

Tuesday - wear your favorite sports team! This can be a jersey, a hat, or you can get as creative as you'd like.

Wednesday - wear your favorite (or craziest) hat! Make them big, small, or wacky!

Thursday - dress up as your favorite Disney character or wear your favorite Disney clothing item! We want to see princesses and princes or whatever your heart desires.

Friday - you're already at home, might as well stay in those PJs! Pop some popcorn and sit back and relax for pajama day.

We want to help the kids look forward to something during a scary time. We know a lot of them miss their teachers and friends, and we hope this will help them feel a bit normal again. Don't forget to send us your pictures!

See you next week. Dress to impress!

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