The book looks adorable.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence (photo courtesy of Getty Images)
Indiana Governor Mike Pence (photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is one of my favorite shows currently on television. It consistently out Daily Show's The Daily Show and is one of the most informative shows on television.

Last night, he focused on educating viewers about the current Vice President (and former Indiana Governor) Mike Pence.

The entire piece is very informative and gives interesting details on who Mike Pence is. However, it's when Oliver starts talking about the Pence's family rabbit where things get really interesting.

The Pence's are releasing a book about their rabbit, Marlon Bundo, about a day in the life of the Bunny of the United States. John Oliver, however, is releasing another book to rival Pence's book.

The John Oliver Bundo book is more about teaching kids about acceptance and love for our LGBT friends and family. Oliver's book is already a best-seller on Amazon. Whichever side you are on, we can all agree: Bundo is amazing.

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