You don't want to miss this week's edition of It Came From Evansville Marketplace. 

Your favorite segment from The Rob's Radio Show with Maddie West is back! If you know Evansville well enough, you know it never disappoints. Whether it's the ridiculous situations people find themselves in or the comical things they try to sell on Evansville Facebook Marketplace, our city never fails to disappoint.

Here are this week's finds on the local Facebook Marketplace:

Maddie West

I'm trying to understand how the description of the product was misspelled...WHEN IT'S WRITTEN ON THE BACK. 

Maddie West

I know it says broken, but it me, OK?

You know trashcans are free with your service, right? And...if you need an additional're going to have to pay for that pick-up.

Although it isn't in this picture (to avoid hurting feelings) the seller is claiming to have paid over $50 for this tank top, but is selling for $15. I'm not one to judge, but there is absolutely no way that horrifically wrinkled tank was $50. Also, for the love of God, iron something if you're trying to sell it.

While it's a beautiful ring and probably worth the $75, the description is what gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. "Only worn for a few hours". GIRL. Don't be airin' your dirty laundry out like that!