In honor of National Grilled Cheese Day, we have to talk about the perfect grilled cheese. What exactly makes it perfect - The cheese, bread, added extras, the way it's cut, mayo or butter?

Our friends on Facebook all have different ways to make a grilled cheese, but we can all agree, the more cheese the better!

"I put a little butter and mayo on my bread before grilling. One slice of Swiss, one slice of Cheddar with cooked crispy bacon. The bomb." - Cindy Cannon Acord

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"I have always made it this simple way: Butter both slices of bread and put 1 slice of cheese between them. Simple and my grandkids always said I made the best-grilled cheese. After several years of thinking I made the best one, I found out why they thought it was the best. I cut it into 4 pieces making an X. So my talent wasn't making it, it was cutting it. LOL" - Nancy Jones

"Lots of butter and a nice thick slice of Velveeta cheese and browned really well." - Sherry Edwards

"3 pieces of cheese, Texas toast, and lots of butter in the skillet." - Mary Howell

"Bread and butter in the skillet. I put mayonnaise on the bread. 4 pieces of cheese." - Leslie Goff

"A lot of butter and at least 2 slices of Field's American cheese." - Jill Taylor

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