I'm sure we've all experienced someone asking us for money, while waiting in traffic. Maybe along Green River Road, under the Lloyd, or in a parking lot. We were actually approached by a woman in a vehicle at Meijer, asking if we had some cash to spare. Sometimes, legit organizations are collecting donations, but how do we really know where the money is going, and is panhandling legal? We took our questions to the man with answers, Officer Phil Smith with the Evansville Police Department.

It's heartbreaking to know that we have a homeless population here in the Tri-State, or anywhere for that matter. Our friends at The Evansville Rescue Mission have so many amazing programs to help with shelter, food, and restoring life and faith.

United Caring Services is another amazing nonprofit that provides a number of services for the homeless: Day shelter for men, women, and children, emergency temporary shelters for single men and women, additional "white/red flag" emergency shelter during inclement weather, an innovative homeless medical respite for men and women, and 21 low income studio apartments.

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