I learned over the weekend how seriously people in the Tri-State take their college basketball!  (Or at least how quickly my Facebook friends, who never post about college b-ball all year, jump on the bandwagon when their team is doing well...  One or the other.)

Over the weekend longtime college basketball rivals IU and UK met in the March Madness tournament.  While as a Penn State grad, I couldn't be more indifferent to this silly sports fued, I got to experience all the trash-talking and boasting from one friend after another on my Facebook.  Mostly, I thought these people looked foolish, especially when they started bickering back and forth about which team was better, but I admit to being very uninterested in sports.

As we all know, UK went on to win the game and ultimately advanced to the Final Four where they are set to meet the University of Louisville this Saturday.  Apparently, U of L and UK have a nice feud going too, and it may just be tearing Kentucky apart!

Check this out:  A fight broke out in a Georgetown dialysis center between a UK fan and a U of L fan...  DURING DIALYSIS!  The fight was a physical fight, supposedly initiated by an irate U of L fan who was tired of hearing snide jokes from a UK fan who was currently hooked up to a dialysis machine, undergoing the procedure.  The fight was over by the time police arrived, and no charges were pressed.

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