Spend some time with an Irkin Invader this weekend!

Invader Zim (2 Seasons/Nickelodeon)


I have loved Invader Zim since I watched the pilot episode my Freshmen year of high school back in 2001. The show was so much different than anything else Nickelodeon was doing at the time. Invader Zim premiered after Nick's most successful shows had ended. While Zim never reached the level of success as Rugrats or Doug, it still has a special place in the hearts of animation fans everywhere.

The show follows the story of Irkin Invader, Zim, as he tries to take over the Earth. This doesn't go quite as planned. Zim tries to blend in with humans and enrolls in school. His arch-nemesis is fellow student Dib, who will stop at nothing to foil Zim's plan for world domination.

The real star of the show, for most, is Zim's adorable robot companion, GIR. GIR often has the funniest lines and is still a merchandising juggernaut for the brand. The show offers something for everyone from great characters to state-of-the-art (at the time) animation for a kids show.

Unfortunately, the show never really found a wide audience and was cancelled after about two seasons. Thankfully, the show is being revived in a made-for-TV movie, set to debut eventually on Nickelodeon. While we wait for that to happen, be sure to catch up on the original two seasons, now streaming on Hulu Plus!


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