The Indiana State Police will take part in a nationwide effort to enforce seat belt usage by motorists like me and you beginning Friday, May 18th through June 3rd.

Thousands of law enforcement agencies across the country will be on the lookout for drivers who have made the ill-advised decision to make a trip without wearing their seat belt. Officers will also be looking for passengers who are not wearing their seat belt so be sure your everyone in your car is safe and snug before putting the car in gear.

According to the Evansville Courier-Press, there were more than 3,300 crashes involving unrestrained drivers/occupants and 202 fatalities. Police say that wearing a seat belt increases the risk of surviving a crash by 50 percent.

Expect to see increased patrols on tri-state roads over the three week period, as officers will be on the lookout around the clock. And rest assured, if an officer sees you or someone in your vehicle without a seat belt on, you will get a ticket. No matter how much you beg, cry, or try and talk your way out of it.