Please, do not take your little kids with you to see Deadpool 2! Just because it's a superhero movie, doesn't make it appropriate for children. It's rated R, so why would I even bring this up? Well friends, when the first Deadpool movie was in theatres, I saw so many little eyes get traumatized by the blood, guts & sex! Now, I'm not referring to teenagers or mature kids that can handle stuff like that. No, I saw toddlers and elementary aged kids watching the very graphic sex scene with their parents. That was awkward, even from a distance!

I haven't seen Deadpool 2 yet, but I've heard that it has even more blood, foul language, violence. This is great for adults that love politically incorrect comedy, but not for little kids!! So, again Do Not Take Your Kids To This Movie! And, if you see parents with little ones in the theatre this weekend, fell free to call them out!

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