Ever worry your kid is hot in the back seat with these hot temps? Chances are they are way hotter than you. If your backseat is like mine, it doesn't have vents so it can get steamy in this heat!

Recently I was driving around with my nephew running errands. He was sweating and complaining how hot it was in the back seat. I felt so bad that I would leave the car running, with AC on blast while we were inside a store just so it wouldn't have a chance to get hot. For the record, of course he went inside with me. I have a fear of the kid getting kidnapped so I never let him stay in the car alone. I was wishing I knew of a way to keep it cool in the back for when he is with me.

Fast forward to a few weeks and I rode with a friend and her 15 month old to dinner. She had this hose that hooked up from her front air vent and pointed directly on her baby! I was thinking this is genius and she had invented something amazing. Hello, Shark Tank, here we come! Turns out, this is something she bought on Amazon. This genius invention is called a "Baby Noggle". I am not sure where the name came from but I love it. This product is seriously genius. I think every parent needs this and if you have a baby registry, throw this on there!

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Now the kid is not complaining anymore about being hot in the backseat. This thing is 6 feet long and it really does push the air right through. Plus it's cute and stylish. Not an ugly vacuum looking hose! Who wouldn't want one? Now I am considering getting one for my bed. I wonder if they make it for the house too?

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