I placed a bet and it paid off, does this mean I'm ballin'?

143rd Kentucky Derby
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This past weekend, the 143rd running of the Kentuck Derby took place. And this past weekend, I balled out hard and won $24 by correctly placing a bet on Always Dreaming to win the race. I'm $24 richer, does this mean I'm a baller now?

I mean, sure, I had to contact technical support on Friday on the website that I used to place my wager (TwinSpires) and I wasn't completely sure that I was even betting on the right race, but somehow, against all odds, I was able to correctly place a $2 Win/Place/Show bet on the eventually winner. I turned that $2 into $24. And disregard that I bet a total of $20 on a number of different other horses (and there was a $5 deposit fee on the site which means I actually lost a dollar) but man, it's good to feel like a winner.

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Baller goals.

I've decided that I am going to go all-in on gambling and try to turn this $24 into $58 and so on. I'm gonna be a professional gambler. This can't just be beginners luck, right? I need to start doing some real baller s***, like buying expensive cars and putting Dragon Ball Z character Goku on the hood. If Chris Brown can do it, so can I! This is when my life is really gonna start taking off. I'm gonna start getting calls from Floyd Mayweather Jr asking me about who he should bet on. I'm going to sit courtside at the NBA finals and say things like "LeBron isn't so great on this court, which is why I took the under on the score," and "I'm going to invest my winnings in an IRA and think about my future."


I'd like to invest $24 in my future

I'd very much looking forward to this newfound success and can't wait to see just how much money I can make blindly guessing on which horse can run faster. This is a solid career plan.

UPDATE: I am now $30,000 in-debt and a guy named Big Frankie has my family.

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