Here's a list of things that will BLOW. YOUR. MIND. 

I was today-years-old when I found out:

1. The plural of "octopus" is "octopode"...not "octopi" or "octopuses". This is because the term is derived from Ancient Greek.

2. Elmer's Glue is used in replace of milk in cereal commercials/advertisements. This keeps the cereal from sinking in the bowl and getting soggy.

3. All Fruit Loops taste exactly the same. The different colors are just for fun.

4. The children's book collection weren't called the Berenstein Bears, it's the BerenSTAIN Bears.

5.  The green gummy bear in the package is actually STRAWBERRY flavored. WHAT?

6. The "no tears" label on children's shampoo doesn't mean it's safe to get in your eyes, it actually means it helps reduce in no tears when you're combing your hair.

7. The back side of a butter knife is the side that's supposed to be used for spreading, while the more ridged edge is for cutting.

8. The appropriate serving size for Ramen Noodles is actually half the pack. So, sorry to all of you that have been fixing the entire've been eating double this whole time.

9. In Michigan, Halloween is referred to as "Devil's Night". In New Jersey, they call it "Mischief Night". Everywhere else in the country just simply refers to it as Halloween.

10. Peanuts grow in the ground like potatoes.

11. The numbers on your toaster aren't "levels of toasty-ness", they're actually minutes.

12. Velociraptors were apparently only 2ft tall. Not as scary now...

13. Apparently, Winnie the Pooh is a female.

14. To create steam in food commercials, a wet tampon is usually microwaved and placed behind the item.

15. The space bar on the iPhone can be used to navigate the cursor when held down. No more trying to move the tiny line around. Go ahead. Try it.




Now you know.


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