Remember in primary school or high school when you had to carry around a sack of flour as a "child"? Yeah, my school took it to a whole new level. 

You see, when I was younger, I attended a private Lutheran school. Go ahead, make all the comments you want, I was sheltered. When I was in sixth grade (can't exactly remember but somewhere around 12 years old) in our health class we were given "Baby Simulators". Apparently the public schools were giving out flour and I had a crying baby to monitor. I remember thinking, what in the world are we supposed to be learning? I can barely take care of myself and my mom does everything for me. To my dismay, I learned very quickly.

The point of the program is to teach early childhood education, health and wellness, sex ed, and probably to steer potential "young moms" away from partaking in certain extra curricular activities (if you know what I mean).


To make things even more spicy in this situation, my sister was also in a similar class at our school but she had a more "difficult baby", apparently there are "levels" of neediness. I had the least needy because we all know my patience level is very low. I can barely hold my nephew or niece for more than 3 minutes without wanting to pass them on.

Fast forward to taking these things home. Our mom picked us up from school, she dreaded this because she had already seen the permission slip. My sister was "locking down" her baby as I think mine was sitting on the floor board if I remember correctly. We get home and no sooner than I start watching TV this thing keeps going off. I eventually named her Alyson. No idea why. Or was it Alexis? I can't remember. I think my mom was about to have a fit because she did not sign up for this and clearly raised her babies. Later that night I remember getting so frustrated with that thing, I marched it upstairs to my sister's room and left it.

To this day, I think that is why I don't have kids. Not that we don't want any, it's just scared my brain. So does that mean it worked? Who knows. But my sister has five kids now and I have zero so clearly we knew early on where we would end up with the babies.

Did you have a simulator baby or a sack of flour? I would have much rather had a sack of flour. It would have at least been quiet.


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