There are times in every man life when he must form the courage to sit through a "Chick Flick" with his woman. Whether for her birthday, anniversary, Valentine Day, or just an regular date night, sometimes SHE gets to pick the movie. And believe me, she's NOT gonna pick any movie with explosions or extended fight scenes. So if you find yourself in this position, here are a few tips to help you survive sitting through a CHICK FLICK!

1) TURN OFF YOUR CELL - never get caught texting, facebook'ing, or god forbid making a PHONE CALL in the the middle of the movie she wants to see. Your night DEFINITELY will NOT end well. The best thing to do is to turn the your phone completely on silent mode and stick it in your pocket.

2) KEEP YOU HEAD AND EYES STRAIGHT - Even if you're NOT into the movie, you must maintain the "illusion" of you paying attention. Don't get caught looking around like you're scoping out the nearest exit, she'll get mad! Also, try not to look at the time either on your phone or on your watch. It gives the impression that you're trying to end the date early.

3) DON'T FALL ASLEEP - If you have to, drink a red bull or two, or a cup of coffee or soda with lots of caffeine. You do NOT want to get caught snoozing only to be woken up by the razor sharp jab of her ELBOW in your ribcage.

Just a few suggestions to help you survive your next date night ... GOOD LUCK!


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