My wife and I had a bit of a scare earlier this week when our son was accidentally hit with a baseball bat just above the right eyebrow during his game that required a trip to the emergency room and some stitches. In hindsight, that's nothing compared to this video from China.

How this four year old kid got in this position is unclear. My guess is that he climbed up on the ledge, decided to walk on the overhang like it was a ladder, and accidentally slipped between two of the bars. However he got there, he's lucky a downstairs neighbor happened to be home and apparently had "cojones" the size of watermelons or this could have been a lot worse.

If it were me in the lower apartment, that kid would have had no chance.

By the way, where are the parents while this is going on? It wouldn't surprise me if they weren't even home as this isn't the first case of a child's welfare not being high on the priority list in China.