First of all, there were SO many, so it was very hard to narrow it down to just twelve. However, I feel as though these 12 celebrities were the pinnacle of 90's celebrity obsession. Here are 12 totally 90's celebrity obsessions we had, and boy, were they some good ones:

1. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Every pre-teen that grew up in the 90 knew that Jonathan Taylor Thomas was someday going to be their husband. Not to mention, we all knew not to call him Jonathan Taylor Thomas, but, the much cooler, “J.T.T.” Of course, Jonathan Taylor Thomas rose to fame in the 90's in the hit TV show Home Improvement.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Brenda Chase, Getty Images

2. The Spice Girls

What can be said about the Spice Girls obsession other than GIRL POWER! The Spice Girls were on top of the world toward the late 90's with their British charm and sexy fashion sense. Girls everywhere simply couldn't get enough of their catchy songs and perfect group dynamic.

3. Pamela Anderson
Teenage boys and men everywhere won't ever forget this name from the 90's. One of the biggest babes of the 1990's, Pamela Anderson was what many men wanted and what some women aspired to be. Rising to fame in the TV show Baywatch, Pamela Anderson certainly had everyone's attention in some way or another.

Pamela Anderson
Rob Kim, Getty Images

4. Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan reigned supreme in the 1990's as an NBA star with (primarily) the Chicago Bulls. Everybody was a Bulls fan in the 90's, and everyone was also a fan of Jordan, who many regard to be the greatest basketball player of all time. In conclusion, everybody knew Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan
Getty Images

5. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Although he actually debuted at the end of 1989, Stone Cold Steve Austin became a huge popular icon in the 1990's. While The Rock and The Undertaker were both wildly popular in this era also, I can't remember any middle school boys without Stone Cold Steve Austin shirts.

6. Kurt Cobain
People still talk about Kurt Cobain to this day for his amazing musical prowess and generally well-liked disposition. While tragically gone too soon, Cobain helped to popularize the grunge genre of music and helped to shape the entire 90's generation of music.

7. Keenan and Kel
The smash duo Keenan and Kel debuted in the 90's on the popular kid's network Nickelodeon. While staring in a show of the same name and originating from the show All That, Keenan and Kel were a massive success. If you watched kids shows at all, you knew Keenan and Kel. Pass me some orange soda, please!

8. Hanson
Hanson in the mid 90's was probably one of the biggest sensations to hit the entire world. Arguably one of the first of many popular boy bands, Hanson captured every girl's heart (and even some mom's too). Hanson's lovable teenage members, with their long hair and pre-pubescent sound, made them mega-stars overnight.

9. Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah Michelle Gellar, also known as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, gained popularity in the 1990's for being a leading woman who was a kick-butt vampire slayer. Gellar made an impact on television in the 90's by proving that a leading lady in an action based television series could be immensely successful. Gellar also helped pave the way for more leading roles for women in action television.

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Netflix / Valerie Macon, Getty Images

10. Britney Spears
Widely known as the teenager who revolutionized pop music in the 90's and onward, Britney Spears was and still is a mega-star. Sometimes touted as the Madonna of the 90's, queen Britney hit the scene with the overnight success of “Baby One More Time.” Britney appealed to a broad audience with her teenie-bopper music and seductively innocent image. Later she appealed to that same audience revamped music and more risque image.

11. Leonardo DiCaprio
Every person in the 1990's remembers meeting Leonardo DiCaprio for the first time in Titanic. While some may have seen him in earlier movies such as What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Titanic was when Leo really took off. Every girl I knew in the 90's wanted to be Leo's girlfriend after watching him in Titanic.

Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

12. 2pac
While Tupac Shakur left us too soon, passing away in the mid 90's, his legacy in rap music still lives on today. Tupac is known as one of the most influential rap artists of all time, and his music has also stood the test of time, being as relevant today as it was then. Tupac Shakur was a huge 90's icon even after his death and is now a rap legend.

Death Row
Death Row

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