Sandy Fuquay of Evansville loves to cook, and she wants share that love with people across the country, but she needs our help to make it happen.

The Hallmark Channel talk show, Home & Family is searching for the country's best cook to join them on the show for a week to whip up a few of their favorite dishes to share with a nationwide audience, and Sandy's daughter, Alyssa Cook, would love nothing more than to see her Mom get the opportunity to showcase her skills.

Check out Sandy's audition video where she put together what looks to be a delicious Curry Chicken Salad.

Now then, here's where we come in.

Home & Family will take into consideration the number of likes and shares the video gets into their decision. So check it out on Facebook to give it a like and share it with your friends and family. Let's help Sandy make her TV debut and share her delicious cooking skills with the rest of the nation!

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