You'll never guess what was used to help the pigeon escape! 

We have a pretty huge parking garage here at work. We reside in the 5/3 Bank building downtown, as do many other businesses, and there's seven parking floors total. Ever so often, a bird will end up trapped inside the parking garage and unable to get out. What I assume happens is the bird enters through the top floor, which is open, and flies down a few floors before getting stuck.

Each floor is enclosed using a mesh. I'm also assuming when I say this is probably to limit birds' access into the garage. Which, fair. However, it presents a big issue for birds who have found their way into the parking garage. While this isn't the first time I've seen a pigeon trapped in the parking garage, it's the saddest one I've come across.


I watched this little guy repeatedly run into the net in a desperate attempt to escape. It was two floors up and at least five floors below before he'd even have a chance of freedom. He was so, so tired. I probably could've physically picked him up and helped him, but I didn't want to injure him or stress him out. So, I got creative.


Yep, I used a bottle of Biotin (hair, skin, and nail vitamin) to help the fella out. To my surprise, he recognize my efforts right away and went straight for the escape. I mean, who doesn't carry Biotin with them at all times? Actually, my purse is basically an overnight bag. You could probably find anything inside.

So, I've done my good deed for a while. Now carrying around that Biotin has finally paid off. And I have healthy, shiny hair.

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