So I have heard of so many great things about the game Until Dawn. It is currently free for Playstation Plus subscribers and being the poor person I am I took advantage of this amazing deal and started it up. Now I don't want to put it down. This game's narrative is simply amazing.

Let me give you the background. You play among a group of teenagers up in snowy mountains at a ski lodge. They are deeply isolated on this mountain and it is nighttime and there is a killer on the loose. Your Typical plot for a horror movie.

It is based on the butterfly effect so every choice you make will deeply effect you later on whether it is good or bad. It gives choices that you can think about, ones you have to make quickly, and even some hard choices. My favorite part though is in between each chapter. You are an anonymous guy sitting in a chair and are speaking with a psychologist. He is trying to find out your deepest fears and how you think. An example is he has you flip through a book about pick between two items per page based on what you are scared of. There is one where he asked if you are afraid of clowns or scarecrows. I choose clowns because I'm not scared of either but they are creepier than scarecrows. The killer wears a clown mask as a result.

I love this game! If you like horror and have/know someone who has a PS4 you should try it!

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