Kanye West has never been the bastion of common sense unless he was doing a song WITH Common but lately he's said some disturbing things that have got wondering HAS KANYE LOST HIS MIND!?

Not only has Kanye went from shouting "George Bush Hates Black People" to "Donald Trump and I are both DRAGON SPIRITS", he's decided to put the doctor that performed his late mother's breast enhancement surgery that ultimately led to her losing her life!

KANYE ... WTF?!? Ever since his mother passed, Kanye has made a series of questionable decisions from marrying a Kardashian to hijacking Taylor Swift's award reception with a tribute to Beyonce! He's even said that "People don't pray FOR Yeezus but TO Yeezus!"

Has Kanye lost his ever loving mind?

Leave your comments in the box below and PLEASE pray for Kanye.

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