As we creep into cold and flu season, there's some "rules" you should follow when around peoples' babies. 

As a new mom, I'm terrified of everything. It is literally my job to keep my son happy, clean, and HEALTHY, and a majority of my day is spent doing just that. At almost four months old, my little man has started teething and his hands are in his mouth constantly. This brings another level of panic into the situation, because that's how the germs get in.

Of course, I don't expect everyone to understand this. While that can be frustrating, not everyone knows what it's like to have a sick baby...and how scared and helpless you feel when your little one is under the weather. So, I decided to make list of things to keep in mind when you're around someone's baby.

For starters, wash your hands. If you're like me, you keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in the diaper bag. It doesn't take but a few seconds to take a pump...and I promise you'll be giving the Mom a huge peace of mind.

Don't come around the Mom or the baby if you - or anyone in your house - has been sick recently. Even if you feel fine, you could still be passing those germs onto the baby. Their immune systems aren't as strong as ours, so what might not seem like a big deal to you, could really hurt a poor baby. Just don't risk it.

Don't kiss on the baby. I can't say this one enough. If the baby didn't come out of your vagina, or if you didn't put it there, DON'T KISS HIM! I don't know where your mouth has been or what it's carrying. Plus, it's just weird to see someone else smooch on your baby. It feel likes an invasion of personal space. Know your boundaries.

Ask if you want to hold the baby. Don't walk up to him and pick him up from wherever he's laying. It's always polite to ask if you may hold him, and again, wash those hands first!

Read the Mom's energy. It'll be pretty easy to tell if the Mom is uncomfortable or not, and if you're sensing a negative energy, it's probably best to hand the baby back over.

These simple tasks may seem silly, but they can soothe a Mom's anxiety, which will make everything go much smoother. Cold and flu season is approaching, and we want our tiny humans to stay as healthy as they can. Of course I understand that babies do need exposure in order to build up immunity, but that doesn't mean letting someone snot all over them.

Remember, be polite, keep your hands clean, and just ask.

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