Ed Sheeran is a popular guy these days, and apparently anyone that looks like him is too.

Time magazine reports a employee at a grocery store in Manchester, England has been getting into a bit of trouble at his job because of the constant amount of people wanting to take selfies with him due to his uncanny resemblance to Sheeran. And I can see why, look at this guy!

While I don't get mobbed by rabid fans, I have been told on numerous occasions over the years that actor Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye from The Avengers) and I could have been separated at birth. It's become so frequent over the years that all people have to say is, "Has anyone ever..." before I cut them off and say, "Yes. All the time." Check out the photos below and see if you agree.

(Getty - Frazer Harrison / Ryan O'Bryan)
(Getty - Frazer Harrison / Ryan O'Bryan)
(Getty - Grant Lamos IV / Ryan O'Bryan)
(Getty - Paul Morigi / Ryan O'Bryan)
(Getty - Pascal Le Segretain / Ryan O'Bryan)

[Source: Time Magazine]